Naming a new business feels like naming a child.

"Why did you name your practice Cosmas?"

So, the questions have started. There is a little information about the name on my website, but there was only so much room to write about it there without getting overcrowded.

Initially, Louise Boxill, ARNP, CNM, ND, and I were going to open Cosmas Primary Care together. Some of you Ex-Qliance members may remember her and what I like to call her "magic" with solving problems that defy treatment with the allopathic (traditional western medicine) approach. More about Louise later (I am a big fan). Well, to survive the post-Qliance apocalypse, Louise and I had to look for solutions to make income fast. This search led us in different directions.

So, we were stuck with the naming part and without a name, you can't start a business license application. One late night, I came across this article, which resonated so clearly with my own beliefs, I knew I had to use Cosmas, in honor of St. Cosmas and St. Damien. Here is the article:

Saint Cosmas and Saint Damian Dressing a Chest Wound by Antoine de Favray. (Credit: Wellcome Library.)